About The Band

Since forming in January 2011, The Bonny Men quickly and deservedly became the most talked about and exciting acts to emerge in the Irish trad / folk music scene. Upon releasing their highly acclaimed debut eponymous album in October of that year, the band quickly established themselves as the hottest ticket in Irish Music. The Bonny Men have played at some of the most prestigious festivals across the globe, with the reputation for electric performances delighting audiences across Ireland, France, The U.K., Denmark, India, Indonesia, Italy and Zambia.

2015 saw the release of the band’s second album “Moyne Road”. Again, this proved to be a roaring success, reaching no. 1 in the Irish Music charts again receiving rave reviews from critics… ” Moyne Road is a scintillating album that alternates driving , high octane instrumental sets with thoughtful and characterful new songs composed by the band members themselves”- The Living Tradition.

Television appearances have been in abundance of late. Documentaries about the band, as seen on TG4’s “Ar Thóir an Cheoil”, and music shows such as BBC’s “Cuisle” and most recently “Bosca Ceoil” have showcased the band’s talents to the nation and continue to exponentially increase their fan base.

Comprised of seven individuals, each masters of their own instruments, with titles among them including multiple All-Ireland Champions, World Bodhrán Champion, and a recipient of the prestigious TG4 “Young Musician of the Year”, The Bonny Men generate a powerful sound that encapsulates the very soul of traditional music. Singing a mixture of original and contemporary folk songs, laden with creative harmonies, and playing sets of tunes bursting with explosive energy, their music always delivers. With clever and intriguing arrangements, never shy of character or personality, every Bonny Men gig is a musical experience from start to finish.



The Bonny Men create a dynamic sound that captures the essence of traditional music at it’s best
Bosca Ceoil, TG4

The Bonny Men captures the raw energy and life with which these young musicians play music.

A reputation for electric live performances with an energy reminiscent of the legendary Bothy Band
Hot Press

New territory for a traditional band

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Moyne Road

‘Moyne Road‘, is the second album by The Bonny Men. Named after the street in the suburb of Ranelagh, Dublin 6, this is the home of the Ó’Casaide family, and also where all the bands rehearsals take place. This new album exposes The Bonny Men‘s trademark high-octane musical sets, full of life, creativity and character. Their latest album also sees the band take a creative step in original song composition. Expect to hear harmony rich folk songs in both languages of English and Irish. Recorded live in Beech Park & Marguerite Studios, ‘Moyne Road’ delivers the essential Bonny Men sound from start to finish that has made this band one of the best of their generation.

The Bonny Men

The Bonny Men‘s debut album, self entitled ‘The Bonny Men’, was recorded live over four days in the internationally renowned Windmill Lane Recording Studios. The album captures the raw energy and life with which these young musicians play music. Described as “a complete breath of fresh air“, and “an album that would remind you of the explosive power of The Bothy Band“, this album has all the hallmarks of an instant classic.



An Potaire
Faire Dé Luain, rás capaill Dé Máirt, Stag ar an Chéadaoin a mhaireann trí lá Tá muid i mbaoill ag leadrán an tsaoil, Ach tá’s ag an Pótaire cá bhfuil a thriail

Curfá: Is Más féidir liom, beidh mé ann Ní thostófar mé ná scair mé ón leann Beidh Mé ag ragairníl mall is go trom Tar liom, a stór, an dtiocfaidh tú liom?

Cloisim go neirtear nach bhfuil agam gnó, Gan tuairim ná tuiscint ar chúrsaí gan cheo Nach mise an duine tá ag seinm an cheoil? ‘S le hamhráin faoi scéalta a tharla fadó


Dia ár sábháil an bhfaca tú’n dream Faoi dhraíocht ag An Pótaire le scéalta is greann Iontas is alltacht san oíche go mall Ag luascadh go meidhreach anonn is anall


Doirtear an portar is lúbann an ceol Níl oíche An Phótaire chíochnai go fóil Luí go heirí na gréine anocht Tá leigheas sa leann seo, ólfaimid deoch


Bíonn an tAire Sláinte de ló is d’oích’ Ag gearán go bhfuil muid ag ól barraiocht dí Ach deirimse leatsa gan léar a chur ann Bheadh an tír ar a tóin gan an cháin ar an leann

Song Meaning: This is a song told by An Pótaire – Irish for ‘the drinker’, a happy go lucky, larger than life character, who likes nothing more than a good night spent drinking with his pals. Telling stories and playing music late through the night and enjoying the company of fellow revellers. He claims to have saved the nation from going bankrupt because of the high taxes he pays through his alcohol consumption.